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 The massive Norman tower of St Petrocís Church was apparently the central tower of a cruciform building, the west portion of which was demolished at some date, perhaps in the early 14th century when the existing nave was rebuilt with two transepts. In the early 15th century these transepts were enlarged into aisles. The fine font, of red sandstone, is late 12th century in date, and is similar in style to others in neighbouring churches. 
On the south of the churchyard is the manor house, part of which is 15th century in date. In 1436 the vicar, the Rev John Hay, was dragged out of the church and murdered while officiating at divine service. The door through which he was taken has been walled up, though the old doorway is just visible.

The two manual Hele organ at St. Petroc church in South Brent was built in 1884 for Christ Church, Plymouth, where it remained until 1966, when it was dismantled and rebuilt in St. Augustine's church, Plymouth. It was brought to St. Petroc in 1996 and rebuilt by Hele & Co to fit into the North Transept. 
Various items of the pipe-work and other equipment have been replaced, the wind system was redesigned and two extra wind reservoirs added. It was fitted with a new pedal board and an electro-mechanical switching system. It has twenty-five speaking stops, five couplers and a very good range of accessories.

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