St Michael, Torrington 




Diary of Events


Humphrey, a priest, was instituted as Vicar here on 22 February 1259. so there has been a parish church here for 700 years, and probably much longer than that. The oldest parts of this building are 14th century.
The Parish Church was mostly rebuilt in 1651, after being nearly destroyed during the civil wars, is a large and handsome structure, with a lofty tower, containing six bells, and crowned by an octagonal spire, the latter of which was erected in 1830, when the curious old spire was taken down.

Willis built 2000 organs, twenty of them for cathedrals. He was known as “Father” from 1898. Sumner’s biography of Willis, says: His organs were reliable and durable in their action and structure, but they were also arresting and inspiring in their tone qualities. A Father Willis is part of our artistic heritage; it should be jealously preserved.

                  SWELL                       GREAT  
Double Diapason 16   Double Open Diapason 16
Open Diapason   8   Open Diapason I   8
Gedackt   8   Open Diapason II   8
Salicional   8   Stopped Diapason   8
Celeste #   8   Principal   4
Principal   4   Harmonic Flute   4
Piccolo   2   Twelfth   2 2/3
Mixture 3rks   Fifteenth   2
Contra Fagotto 16   Mixture 3rks
Cornopean   8   Posaune   8
Oboe   8   Clarion   4
Vox Humana #   4      
Clarion   4      
Tremulant     Swell to Great  
Sub-Octave     Choir to Great  
Unison Off        
              PEDAL                       CHOIR  
Open Diapason 16   Open Diapason   8
Bourdon 16   Stopped Diapason   8
Quint * 102/3   Dulciana   8
Violoncello   8   Viol d’Amour   8
Flute   8   Concert Flute   4
Octave Flute   4   Harmonic Piccolo   2
Ophecleide 16   Cornetto di Bassetto   8
Posaune (Great) *   8   Orchestral Oboe   8
Clarion (Great) *   4   Posaune (Great) *   8
      Clarion (Great) *   4
Swell to Pedal     Swell to Choir  
Great to Pedal     Sub-Octave *  
Choir to Pedal     Super-Octave *  
# indicates stops added by Tucker of Plymouth (undated)
* indicates alteration or addition by borrowing or extension
8 Thumb Pistons to each manual  
8 General Thumb Pistons  
8 Toe Pistons to Pedal  
8 Toe Pistons to Swell  
1 Great to Pedal combinations coupled  
Reversible Thumb Pistons for couplers: Great to Pedal
  Swell to Great
  Choir to Great
  Swell to Pedal
  Choir to Pedal
Reversible Toe Pistons: Great to Pedal
  Pedal 16 Reed
64-channel Capture System with Setter Panel

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