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View from the balcony at one of Wyn's quarterly recitals... The future of this church - and its organ sadly is in some doubt

Next TDOA event will be at St John the Apostle on Saturday 21 October at 3pm
BUT, see the diary page for recitals and other events...
including a training day with the RCO at Totnes on Saturday 30 September.

The Torbay and District Organists' Association was formed in the 1950s as an association of church organists and those interested in church organ music, to enable them to meet together and visit other organs in the area.

A second aim has been to further the interest in church organs and organ music, and to encourage all those with similar interests to enjoy their work, and to share their experiences with others who do likewise.

Visitors are most welcome to come along to our meetings, either to play or just to listen. We actively encourage members of local congregations to attend.

The site has much information about the churches we have visited and the organs we have played these are in The Album.

Our May trip to Seaton and Beer on a very misty day But we had a lovely time.
Two images of the delightful small organ at St Gregory's, Seaton
The mighty Wurlitzer at Beer Congregational Church Ray, of course, in his element!

This was the day of our AGM (16 April) and all the business transacted and passed through with the election of our new president. Members then had the usual scrumptious tea, all laid on at very short notice with grateful thanks to the ladies at St Paul's. Members then had a go with their favourite pieces on the organ.

Cyril, our former Secretary relaxes at the console

Russell finishes the Arrival of the Queen of Sheba almost before starting it!

Sue plays a delightful piece by Handel

Stephen relaxes on the organ

This was not an occasion for presentation of special pieces to a high standard. My own piece was brought here simply to see how it sounded on a different instrument, so it was somewhat ragged, rather as expected.

But it was nonetheless an opportunity to watch how others played. I greatly enjoyed Stephen Royle's Greensleeves which really had a sense of mystery about it.

Ray did his usual stuff in Theatre Organ style, which is always fun.

But I did notice a one rather bad habit from several organists, and while not qualified to judge, I would like at least to observe. And that was the rather haphazard pedalling used by some of those who were playing. I was not taught much but some years ago Catherine Ennis visited the Berkshire Organists (Nov 1988) and insisted that organists must use the ball of the foot (the inside edge) and never the outside edge if you are going to be accurate. Some of our number seemed to be "treading" all over the pedal board and as a result hitting a lot of wrong notes.

Comment by the experts please?...  Ed.


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* The Album is a very large collection of pages of visits by the Association over the last approx. 10 years.

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